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Browsergames Story - Stamper Oil - Group restructuring

Öl Konzern News Many weeks and just as many events passed by. Transoil Corp had to go in deal with several incidents during this time. In the last 6 weeks alone, the company had to write off some billions in contractual penalties. Important Supply contracts fell through and the company's good reputation was damaged. After numerous demotions and restructuring of the board, the press also attested chaos to the company on the front pages. The company was not doing well at the moment. Neither financially nor personally. It's the beginning of July 1989. Billy is still doing his usual work in Greenland and has no idea what's going on. Until the pumps have to be shut down and an inspector comes to the oil platform to shut it down. Shocked, lively discussions developed among the drilling workers. Nobody knew how things would go from now on. Everyone was convinced that they had given their best for the company. The employees' existential fears are spreading like an insidious virus on the oil rig. Angry, Billy pulls his cell phone out of his pocket and calls corporate headquarters to get answers. But you brush him off. There will be an official press conference in a few days. Now he asked his father. But even here one could not connect him. His father could not be reached. After more phone calls, Billy finds out what happened and the situation gives him a headache. Because the contracts could not be delivered, the company fell into deep debt. The security situation in the headquarters could not be maintained. Saboteurs have also stolen important research documents. They also deleted the data from the central computers in the refinery. From that point on, neither petrol, diesel nor kerosene could be produced. It took weeks to ramp up production again. After a number of hours of inspectors' work, it becomes quite quiet on the drilling rig and the person in charge on duty explains to everyone that further work on this drilling rig is prohibited. He is giving all employees an indefinite leave of absence with immediate effect. At 7:30 am the next morning, several transcopters landed to fly the drillers and employees ashore from the rig. Only a few safety officers from the inspectors stayed there.

Konzern Transcopter Billy had also flown back to the group with the transcopters. After landing, he angrily ran to his stepfather's office in the control room. He pushed open the door with a clenched fist. In a loud voice, Billy said, "Say that's a mistake! How could you let it come to this?” Arthur Horance sat like a statue in his chair with a blank stare and replies, "Maybe I should have listened to you. But now everything is too late. We couldn't supply the contracts because some members of the board didn't do their job or simply didn't come to the office at all. When we stopped receiving deliveries, we were no longer able to deliver ourselves. It all came so suddenly at once. Then there was the failure of the central computer along with the refinery. We're almost at the end. Horrified, Billy continued, "If only you had listened to me just once, just once. Do you know how many employees are now unemployed as a result? Thousands of families depend on it. What will become of the group, the company and everything we have built up now?” Arthur shook his head with a blank stare. "We have an investor meeting with the board next week to discuss proposals for drastic austerity measures and new financing options. You learned a lot in the oil business. I'd like you to be with Billy too. Let's use the time until then to develop a few plans. The days go by and the group is like a fair. lawyers, notaries, yes, entire columns of lawyers stride into the office corridors on their way to the executive floor with determined looks. Investors, suppliers and corporate members, board members and even people from the W.O.A also come to the headquarters. Preparations for the grand gathering are complete. After everyone had found their signposted seats, the hall was closed. A murmuring and soft whispering went through the hall.

Öl Konzern Versammlung Arthur opened the meeting and gave the floor to Billy. Billy, the "greenhorn" stood at the podium table, eyebrows wide, rather pleased at the fact that he would be listened to for once. Billy wasn't wearing a suit that day, he came, as always, in the work clothes of an oil-smeared driller with a helmet to signal "I'm not just there, I'm right in the middle of it and I know what I'm talking about." His documents from his cabin are lying next to him , slightly crumpled in a pile. His "darling" was what he always wanted to bring up. His "Research Papers". The conference is very intense. Billions of numbers, savings and suggestions fly over the table. Then Billy throws his concept on the wall with a projector and tries to convince everyone involved of the future and the growth of the company. Starting with the security against further sabotage and the secrecy or security of the research documents, as well as a reorganization of the board. Doubled controlling of the supply contracts by 2 teams, each made up of 10 chosen people. Furthermore, manufacturing processes may no longer be stored overnight in the central computers. Instead, the data is reprogrammed every 4 hours by a panel of 3 people with a code key and secured with an access code.

After a few hours of heated debates with investors and suppliers, a rescue model was finally approved. The companies are finally delivering full quantities and quantities to the group again. From now on also around the clock. The suppliers were obliged to only accept orders from the group, including price stability. From now on, interest and taxes will also be charged by the sub-companies involved so that the group does not have to bear all the costs on its own. With immediate effect, the group will be back capable of acting and may devote himself to new contracts. With the requirement to notify the W.O.A of the contracts via a number model within 12 hours. Which then decides whether the contracts are accepted or rejected until the economic damage has been settled. So Billy did it and said at the end of the conference: “We will break new ground and lead this company to a size it has never known before. We're rebuilding it! For these new paths we also need a new name. For reasons of image, we cannot go any further into the future with the old name. From Trans Oil Corp. will with effective immediately: "International-Oil".

Since then, the new company has recorded a continuous increase in sales of 43.71 percent per current quarter, minus the loans intended to offset the deficit.

After a lengthy discussion between Billy and his parents, Arthur retired from the oil business entirely, accepting that the company is in good hands with Billy. Billy, on the other hand, who now runs the company, still insists on helping out on the oil platforms or oil fields when he can tear himself away from the office. People know him well. Billy still feels like one of those guys who do the hard work on the oil rig day after day and go to bed exhausted at night.

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Autor: Andrew Stamper