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Browsergames Story - Stamper Oil - Transoil Corp

Browsergames Bohrinsel 1989 ......Atlantic Ocean.....somewhere between Iceland and Greenland.... In the middle of the raging ocean we find ourselves on an oil rig owned by Arthur Horance, owner of Transoil Corp. In the spring of '89. The sea is rough, the wind is blowing hard..... It's 3:00 am. As always, non-stop work is progressing on the offshore platform in Sector 1/7. It's loud.... you can hear the machines and generators rattling along and the loud screaming of the Drillers who do their work on the pumps and drilling equipment at full speed with the utmost concentration and precision. Here and there the sound of alarm sirens, but which ones quickly fall silent again. In the middle is Billy Joe. A fairly well built young fellow, good looking with a lot of talent. Billy is from Texas and is 32 years old young and got the job through vitamin B (- relationship). He's a... well, let's say - "handy". A nobody actually, but he does his job well! Billy toiled as always on the shut-off pump that shuts off the pressure when the technicians change the drill pipe. He only ever does this job on the night shift and he seemed doomed to do so until his death to pretend! Because he is always level-headed, very calm and does what he is told. He very seldom bangs his hand on the table.....actually never. There were problems that work stands still. He closes the valve and talks this and that with his friend Jack, a drilling technician. His complaint about his position on the oil rig is known to everyone. Bohrinsel Arbeiter bei Nacht And so Jack asks him: "Billy, what are you still doing here? You could be somewhere else and earn your money much easier! You don't belong here. You can achieve much much more. Your stepfather owns all of this. You're not a driller who has to dig in the dirt?” . Billy just smiles and replies: "Jack my old man Friend, the old man thinks I'm a loser. Although I studied like he wanted. But he doesn't even listen to my suggestions about this business. I will in this Company probably never got a foot on the ground. - Yes, because if you have to dig in the dirt, you sometimes find some gold!” . As always, such conversations are drowned out by the alarm tones and the work continues.... But early in the morning, when Billy has finished work, he crawls into his "domicile" and keeps making notes. Notes on Oil Drilling. Bundles of sheets with notes on them, some even with technical drawings, are on his shelf.

One day, while Billy was on shore leave, he was having dinner with his stepfather and he was discussing whether he might find himself in another position in the company. And that he has gained so much experience thanks to the work on the oil rig. He presented his plans in the areas of economic growth, resource extraction, savings plans, spending models and natural fuels. And how important it is to move with the times. His grumpy stepfather only explains to him how resentful such a change is, that the corporations All American Oil and Explorer Oil are putting a lot of pressure on the company and that he has never been able to cope with this pressure. At this moment, Billy wishes the "old man" the plague, or even better, death. After dinner, his mother Maggie approaches him. aus dem Fenster schauen She tries to calm him down and says: "You know... eventually you'll get the company anyway. He's only your stepfather but he adopted you as a son back then. And he has no siblings or other children himself. Besides, it should have been notarized long ago." Then she leaves with a left smile. Billy understands what his mother is saying to him and brushes it aside with a wave. He stands at the window, looks out and grumbles hatefully: "I'll do it to you show up. I'll have my chance! YOU'RE LONG TIME LOSED MR. TRANSOIL CORP. 'Cause you're outstripping the rest of the ranks!"

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Autor: Andrew Stamper