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Browsergames Story - Henry Miller

Cowboy in a Bank Henry Miller was a struggling farmer in Texas who had inherited a large piece of land from his grandfather. He had always dreamed of finding oil on his property, but he never had the money or the equipment to drill for it. He was barely making ends meet by growing corn and cotton, and he had a large debt to pay to the bank. One day, in 1950, he was plowing his field when he noticed a strange smell coming from the ground. He got off his tractor and dug a hole with his shovel.

To his astonishment, he saw a black liquid bubbling up from the soil. He realized he had struck oil! He quickly ran to his house and called his friend Jack, who worked as an engineer for an oil company. He told him the news and asked him to come over as soon as possible. Jack arrived the next day with a geologist and a lawyer. They confirmed that Henry had indeed found crude oil on his land, and that it was of high quality and quantity. They advised Henry to sign a contract with their company, which would pay him a royalty for every barrel of oil they extracted from his land. They also offered to help him set up a drilling rig and a pipeline to transport the oil to the nearest refinery. Henry agreed to their terms, and signed the contract. He was overjoyed by his discovery, and he felt like he had won the lottery. He decided to use his newfound wealth to start an oil empire.

cowboy watching oil pump He bought more land around his property, and hired more workers to drill for more oil. He also invested in new technology and equipment to improve his efficiency and productivity. He soon became one of the richest and most powerful men in Texas, and he expanded his business to other states and countries. He built refineries, gas stations, and pipelines all over the world. He also diversified his portfolio by acquiring other companies in different industries, such as banking, media, and agriculture. He became known as the Oil King, and he enjoyed a lavish lifestyle. He bought mansions, cars, planes, and yachts. He married a beautiful actress, and had four children. He donated millions of dollars to charities and foundations, and he was respected by politicians and celebrities. He lived happily ever after.