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Browsergames Story - The black Gold - The Story

sticky black mass Once upon a time, when the earth was created and the first people encountered the sticky black mass, it was used to fasten arrowheads to sticks. Afterwards it was found that the black stuff also burns. That's when the fire got started. Thousands of years later, it was found that the black mass could be used to get engines running. Now the pilgrimage of all mankind began. They drilled holes everywhere in the hope of finally finding the black gold. And at some point it was time. The first found the black gold through his drilling. Of course, word of this discovery got around quickly and in no time pumping stations were set up all over the country to extract the oil. But that also created envy and so began the war for black gold, just like with the gold diggers. The Indians were once again cheated with whiskey and have sold their land. After that, deserts were bought up and the nomads who lived there were also cheated. Through this clever deceit, many became very rich and powerful. Real cities grew up around the oil fields. Growth and prosperity began to flourish in these regions. But even under these wonderful circumstances, sabotage also happened there, as well as here at ums in the economic simulation. Other large corporations wanted to drive the other into ruin. They poached the people who work on the oil platforms, blew up the oil fields, set fire to entire refineries just for the other to finally give up. Some gave up, but others became even more powerful. But despite all the attacks, drilling for oil continued.

Raffinerie bei Nacht Meanwhile, the whole world is provided with derricks on land or at sea. Scientists are sent everywhere to look for new oil deposits. And as you all know, wars are increasing because the black oil is so precious. Look at the Middle East. The sheikhs are now so rich that they have been buying entire football teams because they no longer know what to do with all the money. They build a huge freeze center in the middle of the hot desert to cool their exports. Which, logically, none of us would do at a temperature of 40 degrees and more. But that's when you notice with the sheikhs that money doesn't matter. If you go over to Russia, you also have some oil magnates who just have a big yacht built, where our one can not even afford a nutshell. Or they fly quickly to New York for breakfast. Whether they all came to this wealth purely through their actions is also questionable for some. Blackmail reigns there, too, or the mafia helps. It is always clear that black gold creates power and this power creates envious people and this also leads to war. Everyone knows that black gold is also coming to an end and people are already looking for alternatives. You start with the sun or you develop an artificial fuel. But as you can see there, it's all about money.

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